Welcome to Memories of Grandmommy

Our memories keep her alive in our hearts and sharing them brings us joy and continues her legacy.

Here are just a few accompanied by the Teddy Bears and Baby Dolls she loved so much.


Favorite Things

Grandmommy loved life! She embraced and savored it and she was happiest when she could share it with her family.


Stories are the lifeblood of our family. Some are funny. Others sad or insightful. Please feel free to send us yours!

Family Photos

They say, ``A picture is worth a thousand words.`` Maybe so, but just remember these were taken before we went digital.


O.K. We admit it. We're not Spielbergs. But, we did our best to imitate Alejandro G. Iñárritu's technique.

But wait…there’s more!


Everyone looked forward to those occasions when Grandmommy would whip up a few of her special dishes. Yum!

Crossword Puzzle

Grandmommy was known as a crossword aficionado. Little did she know she'd become the inspiration for one.


Grandmommy continues to be a guiding force as we reflect on her life and its impact on our own. She'd be proud.

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